Tuesday, 4 October 2016

MA English in Delhi 2016 Update

Delhi University’s MA English programme is one of the oldest post-graduation courses not only at Delhi University but also in country. Any student planning to take up research or further studies in English literature then MA English has to be a milestone, but pursuing at DU is an achievement in itself.
There are two ways for students to be eligible for the MA English in Delhi admission 2016 at DU are given following:
Direct Mode: 50 percent of all seats are reserved for direct mode admission to MA English at DU. Students securing 60 percent or more in B.A English honors from any Delhi University college are eligible for direct mode.
Entrance Mode: rest 50 percent of all seats are available under DU MA English entrance exam 2016. Students securing 45 percent or more in B.A. For more details you can visit http://englishedu.co.in.


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